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Harris NIC-L-Weld 99 3/32" Stick Electrodes AC-DC 1 lb.

Harris NIC-L-Weld 99 Stick Electrodes AC-DC
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Part Number: NLW99500POP
Manufacturer: Harris Products Group
Manufacturer Part #: 684032069619

A general purpose, high-nickel electrode for production and repair of cast iron.

Typical Application:  NIC-L-WELD 99 is for building up, joining, filling holes, breaks and cracks in all types of cast iron. It has very good out-of-position welding characteristics. Parts are frequently repaired without dismantling.

  • Use AC or DC reverse or straight polarity. Clean the weld area
  • Bevel breaks and cracks deep enough so the first pass ties in the bottom of the crack
  • In most cases, preheating is not necessary, but heavy sections should be preheated to approximately 400F
  • Use a short arc. Stringer beads are recommended
  • Skip or back-step weld and peen to relieve stresses. Allow the casting to cool slowly
  • Conforms to AWS A5.15, ENiCI
  • Close color match
  • Excellent machinability

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