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Hypertherm Duramax MRT 25' Machine Torch 228920 for Powermax600/800/900 and MAX42/43 systems

Hypertherm Duramax MRT 25' Machine Torch 228920
Regular Price: $760.00
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Part Number: 228920
Manufacturer: Hypertherm
Manufacturer Part #: 662310328726

Sharpen your cutting edge!

Duramax Handheld and Mechanized upgrade torches designed for Powermax600, Powermax800, Powermax900, MAX42 and MAX43 systems. Increase consumable life, consolidate consumables inventory and upgrade to the latest in torch and consumables technology.

Upgrade to Duramax torch technology.

Compatible with

  • Powermax600
  • Powermax800
  • Powermax900
  • MAX42
  • MAX43

6 times longer consumable life

  • Conical flow nozzle and spring electrode give you up to 6 times longer consumable life, when compared with standard PAC121, PAC123 and PAC125 torches and consumables.

More convenient

  • All Duramax torches use the same consumables, so you can consolidate consumables across multiple product families.

Easy plug-and-play upgrade

  • Duramax retrofit torches use the torch connection designed for your system which makes retrofitting easy.

Consumable life testing

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