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Miller Welder Bobcat 225 907498001

Miller Welder Bobcat 225 907498001
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Part Number: 907498001
Manufacturer: Miller
Manufacturer Part #: 907498001

Economical welder/generator designed for rugged use. Mostly used for Stick, but also capable of Flux Cored, MIG and TIG. These units are great for farm, ranch, construction or as a stand-alone generator.

10,000 watts of Accu-Rated - Not Inflated generator power. Cranks out enough power for most applications: job site, farm/ranch, or home. 9,500 watts of continuous power.

New! Smooth Power - Not Spike Power. Revolutionary ten-degree skewed-rotor design optimizes generator performance for smoother power.

New! Larger Fuel Capacity. 12-gallon tank can keep the generator running for 14 hours with a 4000-watt load. Exclusive Smart Fuel Tank is designed to minimize the chance of back splash when refueling.

New and Exclusive! Super-tough Protective Armor with receptacle and output stud covers made from XENOY make the Bobcat virtually indestructible. Other XENOY applications include: automotive bumpers, tractor hoods, lawn mower decks, etc...

Multiple Process Capabilities. Only Miller provides multiple process capabilities - AC and DC welding - so you don't have to limit yourself.

Rated 1 in Reliability, the Bobcat is the welding industry's most popular choice.

Choose from the industry's highest quality engines - Robin or Kohler gas and LP engines are overhead valve, quiet, fuel efficient and durable.

Generator Housing
We enclosed the engine and switches to protect them from dust and rough handling, we built an aluminum barrel around the generator to keep it cool in hot welding environments, and our standard circuit breakers protect both the machine and your power tools.

Alternator / Generator
Our alternator and generator are comprised of iron and copper to stand up to the challenges of your welding needs.

Accu-Rated - Not Inflated Generator Power
Miller provides the strongest and most reliable generator power. Our Accu-Rated, not inflated, standard for measuring generator power guarantees delivery of all the power its machine promises.

Rated Output at 104 F (40C)

MIG/FCAW: 250 A at 28 V, 100% duty cycle
MIG/FCAW: 275 A at 25 V, 60% duty cycle
AC/DC Stick/TIG: 250 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle
Output Power Range

DC TIG/Stick: 40 - 250 A
AC TIG/Stick: 40 - 250 A
FCAW/MIG: 17 - 28 V
Generator Power - rated at 104F (40C)

Accu-Rated 10,000 Watts Peak
9,500 Watts Continuous
Net Weight

560 lb (254 kg)

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