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Great Starting Great Starting
Micro-Start™ II Technology minimizes high frequency and ‘hot starts’ to deliver soft arc starts without arc wandering.

Stable, Focused ArcStable, Focused Arc
Micro-Start™ II Technology aids arc stability throughout the weld cycle even at the lowest amperage!

Precise Crater FillPrecise Crater Fill
Micro-Start™ II Technology controlled ramp down helps precisely fill the weld crater for quality results.

Micro-Start II Technology
Produces a smooth, stable arc at low amperages. It's always on – no hidden menus to fuss with, regardless of welding amperage or tungsten size.

AC Auto-Balance
Automatically sets the optimal cleaning vs. penetration levels for great looking aluminum welds!

"e;Set It / See It"e; Pulse Control
Helps control heat input in the weld. See the pulse rate before you strike an arc.

More Welding Power
5-230 amps welding range.
More Auxiliary Power for Accessories
115 Volt, 20 amp powers bigger tools and accessories. (208/230 volt models only. 6 amp service on 460/575 volt and 50 Hz models.)

More Storage
for all your gear.
Personal Storage DrawerTorch Parts Storage Compartment
Input Power Plug

and receptacle
(208/230 volt models only).