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Harris 1390-N Alternate Fuel Brazing Tip

Harris 1390-N Alternate Fuel Brazing Tip
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Manufacturer: Harris Products Group
Manufacturer Part #: 1600260

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Harris Model 1390-N separable brazing/heating tips are made from environmentally friendly tellurium copper. They are designed to be used with a Harris universal tip tube and mixer system for tip sizes 1-10 and sized 15-80N eliminating the expense of using a special mixer for each size tip. The 1390-N series are designed with a counter-bored tip end for maximum performance using alternate fuels. They are stable over an extremely broad BTU range, consequently one tip size can be used over a very wide range of joint sizes. A unique metal to metal seat reduces leaks and eliminating the need for joint sealants.

Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTube-Tip ThreadTube LengthHeightWidthLengthRecommended Attachments
1600180Model 1390-2N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600190Model 1390-3N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600200Model 1390-4N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600210Model 1390-5N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600220Model 1390-6N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600230Model 1390-7N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600240Model 1390-8N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600250Model 1390-9N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600260Model 1390-9N1390-N3/8" - 24(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600270Model 1390-13N1390-N1/2" - 25(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600280Model 1390-15N1390-N1/2" - 25(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600290Model 1390-20N1390-N1/2" - 25(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600300Model 1390-30N1390-N1/2" - 25(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL
1600310Model 1390-80N1390-N1/2" - 25(M)8593, D-50-C, D-50-CXL

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