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Harris 6011 1/8" X 14" Mild Steel Stick Electrodes 10 lbs.

Harris 6011 1/8
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Part Number: 60116010
Manufacturer: Harris Products Group
Manufacturer Part #: 684032527928

A versatile, deep penetrating steel electrode with smooth, stable arc characteristics. Its used for the welding of mild steels, galvanized and some low alloy steels. The coating produces a forceful, spray-type arc, resulting in deep penetrating welds. The slag is thin and easily removable.

Typical Application:  Structural, ship building and repair, rail cars, piping, pressure vessel fittings, boilers, galvanized steel, general fabrication.


  • Tensile strength - 72,900 psi
  • Yield strength - up to 66,100
  • Elongation in 2- 29.6%
  • All position
  • Conforms to ANSI/AWS A5.1 & ASME SFA 5.1 E6011

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