Abicor Binzel Abimig AT 355T 15' 350 Amp LN10 Tweco Style .035 MIG Welding Gun Torch

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Abicor Binzel Abimig MIG Welding Gun - Welding as it should be.

This works on the Lincoln LN-25 Pro welder.

The new and ultra lightweight MIG/MAG welding torch series ABIMIG AT with it's ergonomic and universal two-component handle offers flexibility in welding perfection. The AT welding gun is equipped standard with a ball joint socket base and lightweight Bikox® cable assembly with easy to change 360° rotatable torch necks. Ergonomic and relaxed use in every welding position.

AT is the torch for today's welding operator. Comfortable, customizable to suit the job, and easy to maintain. Designed with the welder in mind.

Especially suited for shipyards, light manufacturing, pipe, and automotive.


  • Lightweight Bikox cable assembly reduces torch weight up to 50% compared to others
  • Ergonomic handle with extended trigger improves working comfort
  • Universal contact tip holder (contact tip holder, gas diffuser and gas nozzle holder all in one) reduces spare parts and costs
  • Screwable, thermally insulated gas nozzle increases service life of the torch and cost reduction
  • Turnable, quick-change torch neck with varying lengths provides superior access for welding operators

Welding professionals do some of the most physically demanding jobs in metalworking and fabrication today.

Welders have to constantly adapt their posture to effectively access their work, while simultaneously focusing on maintaining a solid welding arc at all times.
This heavy physical strain can lead to body and joint pain, and potentially create chronic, lifetime discomfort.

For this reason, every welder wants a robust welding torch that can perform the job needed, but also is both light and powerful, and is equipped with a torchneck that has been optimized for the job.  The new air-cooled welding torch series from ABICOR BINZEL - the ABIMIG AT LW - makes the weld life easier.  The “T” interface system allows for rotating torch necks with angles and alignments that are matched to the actual welding job.  The necks can be quickly switched out for easy maintenance and improved accessibility.  With our lightweight Bikox cable andergonomic molded handle with ball socket base and extended trigger, getting comfortable on the job is now easier than ever.  ABIMIG AT is air-cooled perfection. Welding as it should be.

Find out for yourself.

Type: ABIMIG AT 355
Rating Air-cooled
CO2: 340 A
Mixed gases M21*: 310 A
Duty cycle (%): 60
Wire Ø (mm): 0.9 - 1.6

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