Harris CO2 Beverage Soda Beer Regulator 3002260


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The Harris Model 201 beverage regulators are designed for primary pressure control of beverage gases from the cylinder. The set screw adjustment makes it a "set and forget" tool for maintaining constant pressure into a system. The regulator's brass body and zinc bonnet make it corrosion resistant and highly durable in a number of environments.

7-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Encapsulated seat for safety and longer service life
Nylon reinforced neoprene diaphragm
Integral self-reseating relief valve (175 psi) to protect critical components
High flow rate for a wide variety of applications
Made in USA

Body Material: Brass
Max Inlet Pressure: 3000 PSI
Delivery Pressure Range: up to 100 psi
Certifications: CGA E-4
Weight: 2 - 3 lbs
Gas Service: CO2 (CGA 320) and Nitrogen (CGA 580)
Outlet: ¼” Barb or Flare with integral check valve
Seat: PTFE
5mm Allen Wrench Adjustment Screw

Part NumberGas ServiceCGA ConnectionOutlet FittingDelivery PressureApplications
3002260 CO2 320 Hose Barb 100 Beer, CO2, Wine, Nitrogen, Primary Regulator, Cylinder Mount

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