Harris Cutter Pac Outfit Alternate Fuel 6225EGX-300 (Female) 4401640

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The Cutter Pac Classic kit contains all the major components needed for cutting and special applications using acetylene gas.  This outfit is capable of cutting up to 12" plate with optional larger tips.  (Sold Separately)

Capacity: Cuts to 12" plate with optional larger tips. (Sold Separately)

Gauges: 1.5" Steel

Mixer Type: Equal pressure

Typical Application: Demolition, Construction, Fabrication, Shipbuilding and Railroads

Warranty: 7 years - Regulator; 1 Year - All other components.

Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch Head AngleLengthRecommended Attachments
4401640 6225E-300 Single-stage Oxygen Regulator, Single-stage Fuel Regulator, Cutting Torch and Two Cylinder Regulators Harris 6290 90° 18" 4301650 - 88-5FBT (R&L) FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR (R&L) FBA


Part NumberFuel GasCertificationsInletMixing SystemFuel RegulatorOxygen Regulator
4401640 Oxy-acetylene/Hydrogen
Oxy-natural Gas/Methane
UL CGA E-4 CGA 300 & 540 E 25-15C-300 25-100C-540


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