Harris Model 98-6ER-32 Alternate Fuel Machine Cutting Torch 1101425

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The Harris Model 98-6E machine cutting torch features and "E" or positive equal pressure mixer for all fuel gases.  Harris Model 98-6 three hose cutting torches have a cutting capacity of 15" and two hose torches cut to 8".  All machine torches have a barrel diameter of 1 3/8" and 32 pitch, 10, 12 TPI rack that will fit any industry standard torch holder.  Model 98 10" barrel torches have a cutting lever and 18" barrel torches have a separate valve knob to actuate the cutting oxygen.

Harris machine cutting torches are designed to handle all types of machine cutting applications. Rugged and dependable, these torches provide up to 15" cutting capacity. The 98-6 series torches are available in two-hose and three-hose design for all fuel gases at pressures as low as 4 oz.

Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTorch TypeTorch HandleTorch Head AngleLengthWeightCutting TipSeriesFuel GasCertificationsInletMixing System
1101425 98-6ER-32 6290, 6290-S, 6290-AC Machine Cutting 43 180° 10" 3.3 lbs 6290, 6290-S, 6290-AC 98-6E Oxy-acetylene/Hydrogen UL "B" 9/16" - 18 R+LH E

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