Harris Model K-43-4 Alternate Fuels 10" Heavy Duty Heating Torch Assembly 1801380

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The Model K-43 Heating Torch Assemblies features the heavy duty 42-3 heating handle, 2393 SS tip tube and the high-flow E3-43 (F-43) mixer. It is designed to use the Harris 2290-H and HPM high-performance multi-flame heating tips. Ideal for use with the RBA and RBP flame cleaning heads.

Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTorch TypeTorch HandleLengthAccessoriesFuel GasCertificationsMixerInletMixing System
1801380 K-43-4 2290 Heating 43 10" 2290-H and HPM Heating Tips, RBP and RBA Types Oxy-propane/Butane Oxy-natural Gas/Methane Oxy-propylene UL E3-43 "B" 9/16" - 18 R+LH E

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