Harris Super Missileweld 3/32" Steel Welding Electrode 1 lb.

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Description: Steel Welding Electrode

The ultimate electrode for welding steels with highest strength and maximum ductility (AC/DC) Assures non-cracking welds on problem steels such as high carbon steels; tool steels; stainless steels; spring steels; manganese steels; and dissimilar steels. Super Missileweld is particularly advantageous when the alloy content of the steel to be welded is known. This unique electrode is so versatile that its applications are virtually too multiple in number to specify. For years, it has been a maintenance and repair stand-by in every industry throughout the world.

  • Use either AC or DC reverse polarity
  • Clean weld area
  • Bevel heavy sections
  • For high carbon steels, a preheat of 400 F is recommended
  • Hold a short arc
  • Run stringer beads
  • Peening will help relieve stresses
  • Let each pass cool and slag will peel off easily
  • Tensile strength - 108,000 psi
  • Yield strength - 76,000 psi
  • Reduction of area - 30%
  • Charpy V notch - 75 ft/# @ room temperature
  • Rockwell B hardness - 93 - 102 HRB
  • Brinell hardness - 200 - 300 HB
  • Elongation - 24%
  • Frictional resistance - Excellent
  • Abrasive resistance - Mild
  • Will not respond to heat treatment

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