Harris Ten Gauge Shelf-Shielding Mild Steel Wire E71T-GS .030 on 10 lb. Spools

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Ten Gauge is a self-shielded carbon steel wire for single pass fillet and lap welds in mild and low carbon steel. It is an excellent welding wire for home, workshop, and auto body repair! Ten Gauges innovative composition provides the following welding features:


DC straight polarity is recommended

Minimizes burn through on thin sheet metal

Excellent for plain and galvanized steels.

A good choice for 110 volt welding machines no gas bottle required.

Wide weld range of steel thickness, 18 gauge, (0.048") to " (0.125).

All position capability excellent on vertical down welding.

No shielding gas means reduced welding costs and the ability to weld in windy conditions.

Easily removed slag.














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