Harris Victor Compatible Ironworker VMD 510 (Male) Oxy-Fuel Cutting Welding Torch Outfit 4400372

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The Harris Victor Compatible Ironworker VMD 510 Oxy/Fuel Cutting Welding Torch Outfit is 100% Victor compatible. The handle will work with all Victor 100 series cutting attachments and rosebuds.  The cutting attachment will work with all Victor 100 series handles.


The Harris VMD medium duty welding and cutting outfit features the new Model 801 regulators, VH10 combination torch handle and VH13 cutting attachment.  The Model 801 regulators include one-piece encapsulated seats for longer service life, and a 7 year warranty.  The Model VH10 torch handle features a tube within a tube construction.  It is equipped with FlashGuard check valves.  The Model VH13 cutting attachment features an all gas in-tube mixer which allows for easy maintenance.


Capacity: Cuts up to 4" plate with optional tips, welds to 1/2" plate with optional tips

Duty: Medium

Regulator Seat: One-piece encapsulated seat design with internal filter and PTFE Teflon seat

Mixer Type: Equal pressure

Torch equipped with: FlashGuard Check Valves

Warranty: 7 years Regulator Warranty - 1 year all other components

Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTorch HandleWeightCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting Attachment
4400372 VH10C801-510-DLX Shade 5 Glasses, Striker, 20' x 1/4" Hose, Insulated Tool Bag VH10 13 lbs. 1V3-101 23A90-5 VH13


Part NumberFuel GasMixerFuel RegulatorOxygen Regulator
4400372 Oxy-acetylene V-W-1 801-15-510 (Male) 801-145-540

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