Lincoln Flextec 500X Multi-Process Welder K3607-1

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Lincoln Flextec 500X Multi-Process Welder - IT DOESN'T GET MUCH SIMPLER THAN FLEXTEC.

Powerful Performance From the Ground Up

Out in the shipyards, construction sites and fabrication shops, it pays to keep it simple.The Flextec 500X multi-process welder is easy to set up and operate, yet rugged enough to stand up to heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications.

Basic pulse MIG capability is standard on the Flextec 500X , including weld modes for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and metalcore electrodes.

The Flextec 500X welder is also equipped with CrossLinc® technology giving you the flexibility to control the machine from hundreds of feet away without a control cable.


  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • CrossLinc technology eliminates extra cables for simple system setup


  • IP 23 rating means the Flextec 500X welder will excel in outdoor environments, such as construction sites and shipyards
  • Flextec 500X welder is Desert Duty® rated for operation in the harshest environments (up to 55C)
  • Durable trayed and potted PC boards for electronics environmental protection


  • Multi-process power source for all your welding needs
  • Compatible with all 42VAC wire feeders for MIG and Flux-Cored welding
  • Arclink® enabled power source provides synergic pulse modes
  • CrossLinc allows for remote control of CV and CC processes without extra cables
  • Optimized stick welding for both cellulosic and low hydrogen electrodes
  • Touch-start Tig for easy, contamination free starts without high frequency


  • Full functionality without control cables
  • Enables remote procedure setting at the feeder to improve weld quality
  • Increases arc time with fewer trips to the power source to adjust settings
  • Improves safety by reducing jobsite clutter

Lincoln Flextec 500X Multi-Process Welder Top Features

  • Flexible, multi-process power source for all your welding needs
  • CrossLinc enabled for full control of the power source from hundreds of feet away.
  • IP-23 rated for use in harsh environments
  • Pulse capabilities when paired with an ArcLink feeder.

Lincoln Flextec 500X Multi-Process Welder Input Power

  • 380/460/575/3/50/60


Lincoln Flextec 500X Multi-Process Welder K3607-1


1. Amperage Display Meter
2. Thermal LED: Output is disabled when an over temperature situation occurs.
3. Output Control Dial
4. Hot Start Control Dial
5. Weld Process Selector Switch
6. Local/Remote Selector Toggle Switch
7. Circuit Breaker Reset Button for the 5-pin Wire Feeder Connector
8. 5-pin ArcLink® Wire Feeder Connector
9. Positive and Negative 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) Welding Output Studs
10. VRD™ (Voltage Reduction Device) LED Indicator Lights
11. Voltage Display Meter
12. Power Switch
13. Arc Force Control Dial
14. Weld Terminals On/Remote Selector Switch
15. Circuit Breaker Reset Button for the 14-pin Wire Feeder Connector
16. 12-pin Remote Connector
17. 14-pin Wire Feeder Connector
18. Wire Feeder Voltmeter Polarity Selection Switch

Input Power 380/460/575/3/50/60
Rated Output 500A/40V/60% 450A/38V/100%
Input Current 39/31/31 33/27/27
Output Range 5-500A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.8 in x 14 in x 26.5 in (477 mm x 356 mm x 673 mm)
Net Weight 125.00 (56.70 kg)

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