Lincoln Intermediate Education Welding Gear Ready-Pak K4595

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VIKING® 1740 Series Welding Helmet

Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket

The traditional leather sleeved welding jacket is constructed of split leather sleeves for added heat resistance and durability. While the jacket body is made of 9 oz. flame retardant cotton which meets ANSI D6413 for flame retardant fabrics.

2 Pairs of Welding Gloves

To provide optimal performance for multiple welding applications, the intermediate education welding gear package has 2 pairs of welding gloves which provide different features and benefits intended for Stick, MIG, Flux Core or TIG Welding.

Professional Face Protection

For full face protection for grinding applications, the OMNIShield Professional Face Shield has a high density contoured lens which is 90% thicker than a traditional face shield. This added protection is coupled with multi-axis headgear to enhance comfort and provide a personalized fit.

Welders Backpack

The Welders All-In-One Backpack is a versatile storage solution for all types of welders and fabricators. The unique design allows for easy-to-access storage of personal protective equipment, tools and consumables with separate capacity for a laptop and textbooks.

Complete Tool Set

  1. Chipping Hammer with Wire Brush
  2. Welding Pliers
  3. 25 FT Tape Measure
  4. Fillet Gauge
  5. C-Clamp
  6. Striker
  7. Soapstone with Holder
  8. Tip Cleaner


  • Includes 17 separate PPE, tool or accessory products for all welding processes, grinding and oxyfuel cutting
  • 1740 Series Auto-darkening Welding Helmet reduces training time and increases productivity
  • Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket provides enhanced upper body protection and improved durability
  • Welders Backpack improves storage organization, capacity and comfort
  • Complete tool set for setup, welding and inspection

What's Included

  • K3282-2 - VIKING 1740 Black Welding Helmet
  • K3106 - Traditional Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket - Black
  • K2979-ALL - Traditional Stick/MIG Welding Gloves
  • K2981 - Leather TIG Welding Gloves
  • K3203-ALL - All American Welding Cap
  • K3750-1 - OMNIShield Professional Clear Face Shield
  • K2965-1 - StarLite Clear Safety Glasses
  • K2967-1 - Shade 5 IR Safety Glasses
  • K4021-1 - Chipping Hammer w/Brush Combo
  • K4014-1 - Welding Pliers
  • K3725-1 - Flat Soapstone Holder
  • K3720-1 - Fillet Gauge
  • K3724-1 - Tip Cleaner
  • K3727-1 - Flint Striker
  • K3722-1 - Industrial Tape Measure - 25 FT
  • K3721-1 - Locking Pliers - C-Clamp
  • K3740-1 - Welders All-In-One Backpack

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