Lincoln Magnum PRO 250LX 25 ft. Spool Gun - K3570-2

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The Lincoln Magnum PRO 250LX Spool Gun for home, farm and small shop projects, autobody work and light maintenance or repair applications.


The Magnum PRO 250LX spool gun partners longer-lasting Magnum PRO contact tips
with a durable spool gun design, making it the most versatile accessory for the
POWER MIG family.


  • Utilizes premium Magnum PRO expendables for extended contact tip life, increasing the amount of arc-on time.
  • Plugs directly into the POWER MIG 256 and POWER MIG 260 without the need for an additional adapter.
  • Adjust wire speed remotely at the gun with fine resolution so there is no need to travel back to the power source.
  • Large thumbscrew makes fine adjustment of drive roll pressure effortless. Set screw allows for coarser adjustment if needed for steel.

What's Included

  • KP2747-1A - Diffuser
  • Thread-on
  • Aluminum 550A KP2743-1-62RA - Gas Nozzle Assembly
  • Aluminum
  • 5/8 in.
  • Recessed KP2745-364AT - Tapered Contact Tip
  • Aluminum
  • 3/64 in. KP2518-2 - Drive Roll
  • Aluminum
  • .030/.035 - 3/64 in. KP2879-5 - Barrel Liner
  • 180° KP2773-1 - Insulator
  • 550A


Length (ft) 25
Rated Amperage MIXED GAS 250
Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage (MIXED GAS) 60%


Warranty 1 Year

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