Lincoln Magnum PRO Barrel HDE 350 - 15ft K4857-2

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Lincoln Electric introduces the Magnum PRO Barrel HDE welding guns line. The Barrel HDE, or Heavy Duty and Ergonomic, semi-automatic welding guns are designed for robust operation, versatility and comfort. In addition, Lincoln Electric’s long lasting premium expendables are tailor-made to maximize the HDE line’s performance.


  • 100% Duty Cycle - The Magnum PRO Barrel HDE guns have the highest duty cycle rating in their class, making them ideal for rugged environments and high heat applications
  • Premium Expendable Performance - Lincoln Electric's long-lasting Magnum PRO expendables are designed with welding arc performance in mind. Using Magnum PRO expendables results in more time welding and less time wasted
  • Tool-less Rotatable Gun Tube - The bolt of the gun tube can be loosened without the need for tools and rotated 360°, so it is easy to position into a comfortable spot for welding
  • Over-Molded Handle - The soft rubber over molding enhances comfort and allows for an easier grip of the gun
  • Maximum Versatility -By turning the gun tube 180°, the straight barrel handle can be used as a trigger on top welding gun

What's Included

  • Gooseneck (KP4694-60)
  • Insulator (KP2773-1)
  • Diffuser (KP2747-1)
  • Contact Tip (KP2745-116)
  • Nozzle (KP2743-1-62R)


Length (ft) 15
Length (m) 4.6
Rated Amperage CO2 350A
Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage (CO2) 100%
Rated Amperage MIXED GAS 350A
Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage (MIXED GAS) 100%
Gun Category Semi-Automatic

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