Lincoln Torchmate 4400 Fully Assembled 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting System

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The Torchmate 4400 is a powerful fully assembled 4x4 CNC plasma cutting table that was designed to start cutting quickly. Its a robust machine with high-end components that are built into a small machine footprint. The design goals for this plasma cutting table were to equip our customers with a small CNC machine that had production-grade components. The result was a high-end cutting table that could fit into any small-to-medium sized fabrication shop. This system is in stock and ready to ship, so obtaining a Torchmate CNC plasma cutting table doesnt have to be months away from your door. Next day shipment is available. 

Consistent Cuts Every Time

Our customers told us the 3 most imprtant attributes of a CNC cutting table are cut speed, cut quality, and repeatability. Our global design team focused on delivering these 3 attributes. We used laser interferometry testing to prove our machines accuracy and to generate a statistic that revealed how repeatable our linear guidance system was. The result surpassed our expectations and solidified the class of machine that we will continue to provide to our customers.

Everything You Need to Start Metal Cutting is Included

The Torchmate 4400 comes standard with everything our customers need to get cutting right away. Its delivered fully assembled and requires only compressed air, power, dedicated ground rod, and water to be supplied by the customer. The water table fume extraction, slat supports, computer, CAD software, CNC controller, height control, and the magnetic torch breakaway all come standard as a part of the base price. This all-inclusive machine makes buying a CNC plasma cutting table from Lincoln Electric an easy decision.

Lincoln Torchmate 4400 Fully Assembled 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting System

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Click on the image to the right to download a complete catalog for the Torchmate 4400 and 4800. Inside you will find full specifications on the table, warranty information, and all the features and benefits of owning a Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems CNC plasma cutting table. Take a look at the details of our industry leading support options that come with every table purchase as well as some of the great feedback and projects being created by users of the Torchmate 4400 and 4800 cutting machines. 

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