Harris Green Metal Regulator Gauge Guard 4300239

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Oxygen regulator gauge protector, easy mount, helps to prevent damage in abusive environments. Designed for Models 25, 25GX, 425 and 45.

  • Sturdy steel, heavy-duty gauge guard that can withstand multiple impacts
  • 100% carbon steel construction
  • Laser cut and hand TIG welded fabrication - not stamped
  • Easy gas identification with color coded exterior (green for oxygen and red for fuel)
  • Powder coated surfaces that resist fading from exposure to sunlight and harsh enviroments
  • Cork lined clamp band for contact with the regulator that will not damage regulator finish and dampens vibration that may cause guard to loosen
  • Clear, unobstructed view of pressure readings with complete protection of the gauges
  • Fits Harris models 25GX, 425 and 45 regulators

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